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This website is mainly devoted to measuring very high intelligence by means of untimed high range IQ tests. Besides my tests, you will find tests by other authors who influenced my work in this way or another: Mislav Predavec, Paul Cooijmans, Jason Betts, Theodosis Prousalis, and some others. Of course, I do not guarantee the quality of all those tests. The quality analysis of my tests can be found at http://ivec.ultimaiq.net/quality.htm. I'll also try to promote good and free IQ tests, to offer some of them, and to offer IVIQ puzzle competition.
        The average IQ is 100 and high range IQ tests mainly measure IQ from 120 up to 190. Only one out of 30,000 people possesses IQ 160 or above, and so scores on that level are very rare. Most of the tests are either spatial, numerical or verbal. Possible answers are mainly not given, and you must find the most logical missing elements.
        The website also offers five IQ societies. Grand IQ Society gathers individuals with IQ in the range from 130 to 169, and you need at least one score on 170+ level to join more elite Ultima IQ Society. If you have good scores on different kind of tests, you'll probably want to join Intruellect IQ Society or Universal Genius Society, while Real IQ Society will give you a deep confirmation of your performances.
        World Famous IQ Scores link gives you quick insight into some of the best IQ scores on my and many other IQ tests. I also try to maintain the list of favorite IQ tests, collecting your votes.

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However, I'm not interested only in IQ tests and mathematics, which is my profession. I believe in God and try to live my faith. As I'm pretty bad theologician, under Religion link I'll only try to help people in need. I pray God to give me enough humbleness to maintain this site in the productive way. Finally, under Steven Fell's Art link I'll promote one American artist, who did my portrait for this website.

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IQ tests are highly addictive. One test per year is perfectly enough.


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Low IQ is a gift as profound as high IQ.

I wish I could get such an advice in my youth.