World Favorite IQ Tests (last updated in January 2014)

I published here the list of world favorite IQ tests, especially high range IQ tests.
My name is Ivan Ivec and please click here to find my IQ tests.
My goal was to encourage testees to take good tests and to encourage authors to make better tests in the future.

I stopped to maintain this list because of the following two reasons:

The list itself: (with links and number of votes in parentheses)

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from January 4, 2013

Tests with only one vote:
A Paranoiac's Torture, Alchemix, Algebrica, AlphaNum, AlphaNum - Revised, Analytica, Anoteleia 44, Associative LIMIT, bys13x, Canopus, ESP, FIQURE, Flux,
Hieroglyphica, Hiqu, Insight!, Interrobang, IQ-T, L.H.A.S.S.O.31, Mathodica 22, M-CNSA, NGT-B, NIT, PerspectIQ Light, Pert, PsiQx, PSN, Reason Behind Multiple Choice,
SATURN, se4d, SEQS I, Sequentia Numerica - Form I, Sigma Test, SLSE II, Smartest Person in the World Contest, SUN, Test for Genius, Titan Test, WITT, WordIQ

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