World Favorite IQ Tests (an old list)


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from January 4, 2013

Tests with only one vote:
A Paranoiac's Torture, Alchemix, Algebrica, AlphaNum, AlphaNum - Revised, Analytica, Anoteleia 44, Associative LIMIT, bys13x, Canopus, ESP, FIQURE, Flux,
Hieroglyphica, Hiqu, Insight!, Interrobang, IQ-T, L.H.A.S.S.O.31, Mathodica 22, M-CNSA, NGT-B, NIT, PerspectIQ Light, Pert, PsiQx, PSN, Reason Behind Multiple Choice,
SATURN, se4d, SEQS I, Sequentia Numerica - Form I, Sigma Test, SLSE II, Smartest Person in the World Contest, SUN, Test for Genius, Titan Test, WITT, WordIQ

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